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The TINT MAN® System is your Window to Opportunity.

Why Window Tinting?
There has been no leader in the Window Tinting industry until now.  The tinting business is highly fragmented, the disorganization created the perfect opportunity for TINT MAN® to grow and become a leader in the tinting industry.  By using our systems and a commitment to customer satisfaction your franchisee will grow.

Tinting has become necessary!
Nearly every Residential and Commercial property has some type of problem that TINT MAN® can help with.

People Love their homes!
People take pride in their home, tinting is a way they can maintain and protect their valuable possessions.  Tinting reduces fading of furniture, hardwood floors, carpet & other belongings.

Saves $$$ on Energy Costs!
Window tinting increases Air Conditioning efficiency by reducing summer heat gain & insulating against heat loss.  This means your customers spend LE$$ money on energy costs.
Excellent Warrantees!
TINT MAN® guarantees satisfaction with Residential Lifetime warrantees.



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