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TINT MAN® is Committed to Quality
 and Customer Satisfaction!
In 1992 Louis Nascone II created the Concept of TINT MAN®.  He’s had the Entrepreneurial Spirit since starting his first business at 16 years old.

TINT MAN® is a window tinting and window insulation specialist which provides state-of-the-art window film that protects residential and commercial interiors from the damage of the sun, while providing a more comfortable environment in your home or business.

TintMan® also carries safety, decorative films and roll-down tinted shades.  The sales of TINT MAN® grew every year with little advertising.

Today TINT MAN® takes pride in being an industry leader.  We believe that Quality and Satisfaction are always #1.  TINT MAN® helps our customers enjoy their homes, saves them money and protects their belongings.

Our success is being built through great core values, outstanding reputation and an innovation unique business system.



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