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Training & Technology Marketing Why Tinting Questions

The TINT MAN® System is your Window to Opportunity.

Q - What are the Qualifications to own a TINT MAN® Franchise?
A – Strong people skills. The required amount of capital, and financial stabile.. Have a desire to succeed. Business management background and previous franchise ownership is a plus, but not necessary. No experience is needed.
Q – What training does TINT MAN® provide?
A – Quality training programs set us apart from other franchisors. New franchisee orientation and training takes place in New Jersey. Ongoing marketing training and employee training take place via on-line demos and semi annual training classes.
Q – Is Training Mandatory?  What does it Cost?
A – Training is mandatory. You and your staff must complete TINT MAN® training programs at our training center. Start-up training costs are included in your initial franchise fee.
Q – What advertising & promotional programs are available?
A – Franchisees contribute to an Advertising Fund. These funds are used for advertising and sales programs in your market territory that may include: newspaper, billboards, TV and radio to build your customer base.  TINT MAN® also offers $5000.00 towards company approved advertising for the first year.
Q – What systems and procedures does TINTMAN® have in place?
A – Our proprietary computer software gives you the edge on cash and inventory management, employee productivity and performance, customer service, scheduling, payroll, and database management. Comprehensive ongoing training for franchisees keeps quality high. Meetings, research, training, newsletters, and visits by trained staff creates a network of support.
Q – How much money can I make?
A – As a franchise company, the FTC prohibits us from making any projections.  The amount of money you can make is equal to the effort and the work you put into it.
Q – What are the terms of the Franchise Agreement and Franchise Fees?
A – TINTMAN® franchise term for ten years with consecutive additional option terms of five years each. Franchise fees are made bi-weekly and are used for ongoing training and support of TINT MAN® franchisees. As you can see, we are in this business for the long-term and want franchisees with similar aspirations.
Q – Is Financing available?
A – Yes, we offer third party financing.


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