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Safety & Security

The latest FBI statistics show robberies and burglaries are up 10%.  And property damage due to earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados and other violent weather is up an average of 39% over the past nine years*

To help reduce your chances of loss and add to your peace of mind, we recommend safety and security window films.  The films are tough, durable and create a penetration resistant shield that bonds to the inside of your windows for great protection.

The film helps hold the glass together to dramatically reduce the chance of glass shards from falling or flying out… even under direct forces from winds or impacts from flying objects or heavy devices used for breaking and entering.

Security Against Crime

  • Penetration and tear resistant to deter smash and grab crimes
  • Since time and stealth are vital, thieves usually give up quickly. 
  • Vandalism could be limited to replacing a glass plate.  Property inside may not be as exposed for further vandalism, theft or increased damage from weather.
  • Safety Against Injury
  • Reduces the chance of serious injury caused by flying debris from storms or by people falling or running into glass doors or windows.
  • Protection against violent weather
  • Even if windows or glass doors are smashed, the film offers increased protection against flying shards or glass, debris, wind and water.
  • Provides added protection for personal safety and valuables.
  • Residential

    Glass at home can easily break and shatter becoming hazardous to young children. Large glass areas can also be prone to break-ins.

    Tint Man safety film works like an invisible shield, helping glass resist penetration as a result of accidental or premeditated acts, and reducing the horrifying effects of flying glass by holding the glass fragments together.

    Tint Man safety film is optically clear providing all the advantages of clear glass without distortion. We can also combining the benefits of Solar Film with the protection of Safety and Security Films


    Glass in the workplace can be a safety and security hazard to your business. Shattering glass can cause injury to you and your staff. Glass can also be prone to break-ins. 

    Safety and security films increase the puncture strength of glass and hold glass together, preventing easy access and providing safety to your glass. 

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    *1992 Insurance Institute Information Fact Book

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